Celebrity News

Serena Williams is a true legend in the world of sports. She and her sister, Venus Williams, took over the world of tennis almost 30 years ago and have remained supreme ever since. Nike is now honoring Serena’s infamous legacy in a historic way, by adding a brand new facility to their headquarters in Beaverton, […]

The 614

  The Franklin County Corrections Center is under scrutiny after several complaints from both deputies and inmates. The complaints detail the disgusting and deplorable conditions throughout the facility. According to an Incident Report from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the conditions at the county jail have been an issue for months. One major complaint comes […]


General Motors has confirmed they are looking to build a $175 million facility in the Dayton area that would offer some much-needed aid to the city with around 100 new jobs. A spokesperson for General Motors said the company is considering Brookville, Ohio as the location for a 251,000-square-foot facility that would serve as a […]