Frank Ocean

  Frank Ocean ruined dinner plans across the country tonight by finally, after years of anticipation, releasing his album Boys Don’t Cry. The album dropped as a live stream on his website on Thursday evening, with no warning whatsoever. While many are speculating that the album will be available for purchase or streaming on Apple Music […]

Frank Ocean has been setting up fans for disappointment for the last year or so now. And on Friday night, he really set fans up big when a cryptic advertisement for his album drop on his website turned out to be nothing, despite much legit-seeming buzz about a partnership with Apple Music. Headkrack explains why […]

Fans still believe we'll have a new Frank Ocean album by end of year, The Roots are back with new music & more

Is Frank Ocean trolling us all? After news broke that his highly-anticipated sophomore album is scheduled to drop this Friday, Ocean had another surprise for the fans on Monday, when the singer took to his site to post a rather cryptic image of a room with what looked like sound equipment, leaving many speculating on what it […]

The wait may finally be over. According to The New York Times, Frank Ocean‘s long-awaited album, Boys Don’t Cry, is set to be released this Friday, August 5. The news comes from a source who requested anonymity due to lack of sanction to discuss the album’s release. The album will drop via an exclusive deal with Apple Music […]

  The wait is finally over. Frank Ocean‘s long awaited second album Boys Don’t Cry is set to release this Friday. According to the New York Times, will be available on Apple Music exclusively. An inside source also said that the album will include a major video and a printed publication called “Boys Don’t Cry” which will be distributed at Apple […]

  Frank Ocean has been keeping us waiting for years for his new musical project, and while it may still be a minute before we get his highly-anticipated sophomore album, he did drop us a few crumbs along the way. The singer announced on Tuesday that he will be a part of the upcoming Fall 2016 Calvin […]

It only took four years for Frank Ocean to give us another album.

If we're interpreting this correctly, a new Frank Ocean album is due this month

In a poignant essay posted to Tumblr on Tuesday (June 21), Frank Ocean broke his silence to address hate and violence in the LGBT community.

Yes, from what I know. It may be subject to change. He is onto something, he really is," says James.