The Ohio Department of Health Director, Dr. Amy Acton is officially stepping down from her position as Director. She is taking on a new role as, Governor Mike DeWine’s Chief Health Advisor. Governor DeWine praises Dr. Acton for the major role she played in guiding the state of Ohio appropriately through the coronavirus pandemic. […]


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been hit in the head with this global pandemic that has swept the world. In efforts to keep as many people safe as possible, they have been going back and forth about some simple practices we all can utilize. One option being, the use of face masks. […]


The State of Ohio receives nationwide attention for a number of things. One of our hometown favorites is our beloved Buckeyes. However, in the Buckeye State the number of children without health insurance coverage has become a pertinent issue. According to reports, an estimated 41,642 infants, toddlers and preschoolers went without coverage in 2018, a […]


  The African-American Male Wellness Walk will host “Barbershop Talk” tonight! The event will aim at delivering straight and blunt answers to men’s questions about their health. In the black community, this and many topics have become somewhat taboo to discuss. Here, we have a healthy and open environment for men to share thoughts, ideas, […]


Impossible Foods plans to debut its meatless sausage crumbles on Little Caesars pizza starting Monday at 58 restaurants in Fort Myers, Florida; Yakima, Washington; and Albuquerque, New Mexico. The plant-based burger maker said the $12 pizza also comes with mushrooms, caramelized onions and green peppers. If the test goes well, Detroit-based Little Caesars could expand […]

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  A restaurant located inside Polaris Fashion Mall has come under fire after a complaint of a rodent being cooked inside a take out order!! A woman claims she discovered a cooked rodent inside of her teriyaki chicken takeout she purchased from Yihi Japan. Inspectors with the Columbus Health Department made sure to drop by the […]

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I will admit Im not really a dog person, I grew up with cats, and have had cats my entire childhood lol. But if you are a pet owner and that pet happens to be a dog, this new research has shown that sleeping with your dog will allow you to have a  good nights […]

The morning show crew noticed that something is up with Gary With Da Tea.

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This Sunday (March 12th) at 2:03 am we will be losing an hour due to Daylight Savings Time. Yes, that means warm weather is around the corner, the sun will stay out longer but not everything is peachy when it comes to how your body reacts. According to the Huffington Post, a large 2014 study […]


Gary With Da Tea was reporting a story about Beyonce & Jay Z gearing up to visit Kanye West in the hospital, when he began to share his own personal experience with mental breakdowns. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! He talks about why mental breakdowns are serious business, and that a person isn’t truly themselves […]


At this point, it’s pretty normal day for most of us when news breaks that Kanye West has done something strange, like one of his signature long rants in public or on national television. But with his recent admittance into the hospital, it’s important to look at his mental state with seriousness and note all […]

Rhonda is a breast cancer survivor. She shares the story of how she got diagnosed after scheduling a mammogram on a whim when she took her daughter to the doctor. She explains what her specific situation was, the treatment she received, and why her diagnosis was at a stage 3. Rhonda also talks about her […]