Good things happen when you don’t give up. Ask Daria Rose. Three years ago, Rose was a sophomore Long Island student who lost her home and…


Kanye West has aided Hurricane Sandy relief efforts with his music by way of a benefit concert. Now, Kanye is aiding the effort with his other passion: fashion. Billboard reports that some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent figures are joining forces for Re/Create, a series of fashion auctions held to aid in Hurricane Sandy relief. Among […]

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Hurricane Sandy may have passed, but there are still some Ohio areas that still do not have power. According to a utility company, there are fewer than 1,000 power outages in northeastern Ohio. Crews are working to restore power to the about 900 homes and businesses that are still affected. Most of these places are […]

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Hurricane Sandy took no prisoners as she made her way through the northeast, slamming into the coast of New Jersey. Trees had no chance as Sandy’s (or otherwise known as #Frankenstorm) gusts of wind topped off at almost 90 MPH. The Jersey shore was completely ruined and unfortunately so were the small surrounding towns. To see […]

New York may have a lot more to worry about apart from the heavy rain and tidal surge. The New York subways are at risk of flooding which could cause electrical damages and transportation disruptions. One other competent that Sandy brings are the displacement of the underground rats! One highly predictable theory may be a rat invasion! […]