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Good things happen when you don’t give up. Ask Daria Rose.

Three years ago, Rose was a sophomore Long Island student who lost her home and all of her belongings in a fire caused by Hurricane Sandy. As a result, her and her family was forced to stay at multiple hotels and her grandmother’s place. Trying to balance schoolwork with such hardship wasn’t easy.

“It was hard because it’s really unpredictable when you don’t have a stable place to live,” she said. “[You] don’t know if you’re moving here next, or there.”

It was worth it. After writing about her experiences with Hurricane Sandy in her college application essays, Rose was accepted to all seven Ivy League schools. So today, her family has settled into a new home in Baldwin, N.Y. as she decides which school to attend.

She’s leaning toward Yale, but she has until May 1 to decide where she’ll study political science and Russian literature — and continue to be great.

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