Toya Wright opens up about coping with the murders of her brothers as the search for his shooter continues. She discusses her ex-husband, Lil Wayne, and the letter he recently wrote to her. She also opens up about her last husband, Memphitz, felt about her and Lil Wayne’s abnormally close friendship. Sign Up For Our […]

Drake has long been known for being the rapper with his heart on his sleeve, and although other rappers poke fun at him for it, it’s arguably the very quality about him that has helped to make him so successful. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! He’s also long been known for the love he has […]


Yup…two of the hottest in the game just put it down on the same track! Get more on this post – HERE. Follow RoDigga @RoDigga…

New PMC Exclusives

Joe Budden is infamous for switching up spouses like clockwork, and he didn’t even get to settle in with his latest one too well before things went horribly awry. Joe Budden’s latest romance, a bartender named Audely, recently reported that Joe viciously beat her over photographs he found to be incriminating. Via TMZ: – See […]

The 614

Men, have you ever found your girlfriend to be overly jealous for no reason? Well, turns out her choice of contraceptive may be to blame.  A new study shows that sex hormones in the pill can have an effect on how much a woman trusts her mate. Dr. Craig Roberts of Scotland’s Stirling University questioned 275 women, […]