The Queen of Daytime Talk Wendy Williams will never shy away from controversy.  That’s why The Power Morning Crew’s own Konata And Misty Jordan were glad to have Wendy on the show.  Wendy has a new book out called “Ask Wendy:  Straight Up Advice for All the Drama In Your Life”.  Here new book discusses […]

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We don’t know what has gotten into The Power Morning Crew’s own Big Man Konata but he is spinning out of control….literally.  Konata and Big Yogi kicked off their BIG ON FITNESS campaign with the YMCA this year and they are finding themselves in some of the most intense workouts The YMCA has to offer. […]

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Konata is getting ready to kick butt in the gym!  As we continue our Big On Fitness Campaign, Konata and Big Yogi hit the YMCA in Gahanna to join in on their Cardio Kickboxing class. Don’t let Janet’s nice smile fool you, this class is no joke! Big On Fitness is all about finding new […]

The Ying Yang Twins are back! The PMC crew caught up with Kaine and D Roc of the Ying Yang Twins for one of the most hilarious interviews they have ever done! D-Roc has recently had some run ins with the law and is currently set to go to court for a DUI and child […]

Konata of the Power Morning Crew has just been HIT! In the midst of his training to become more fit and in better shape, the Power Morning Show co-host experienced what it feels like to be H.I.T., High Intensity Training that is. Check out the first edition of The Big Man Konata’s BIG ON FITNESS […]

I have a brand new crush…It’s called the Lamborghini Urus concept, and there’s a good chance it will be the talk of the Beijing auto show. It’s an SUV from the famous Italian brand known for supercars, and it looks like a fairly stylish one, at that. If it gets made — and we think […]

It’s Where You Been Wednesdays and The Power Morning Crew caught up with former Pretty Ricky singer turned solo artist Marcus Cooper aka Pleasure P. The PMC didn’t waste time asking Mr. P about his latest projects and what he’s been up to. When asked about his groupie tales, Pleasure P immediately announced no desire […]

Thursday Morning, I made good on my Superbowl bet with producer Tessa. The bet was that I had to put on a dress if the Patriots lost; as you can see, they were unsuccessful in winning the big game!!! Damn, Tom Brady… RELATED: The Sexy Fiat Commercial Decoded RELATED: M.I.A Middle Finger Upstages Madonna At […]

Misty and I are really pushing volunteerism this year; so here is a great opportunity for you and family to get involved. Mayor Michael B. Coleman is having his annual Spring Neighborhood Cleanup in the South Linden. A different neighborhood is selected each year. City employee volunteers and South Linden community volunteers will clean specified […]

CO’s Own Bombay stop through for a special day of freestyles at Power 107.5.  We had a unique group of MC’s in the building and Bombay showcased the variety of talent that Columbus has to offer.  Check out his drop for Freestyle Friday’s. RELATED: Freestyle Friday: P. Blackk Blacks Out! RELATED: Freestyle Friday: NIQ Says […]