All that talking Eva be doing no wonder she can’t keep up with all of it. Eva, girl, your clapback game is vicious but you gotta be able to stand behind those words. That’s all Kandi Burruss was trying to tell Marcille in the last episode. The Real Housewives of Atlanta wen to Toronto, Canada […]

Chris Brown seems to be a magnet for scammers and liars. The last time we noticed, it was because Baylee Curran took her lie so far to cause a SWAT team to show up and surround Breezy’s house, leading to a stand-off that lasted a few hours before Chris Brown was taken in to custody. […]

Chris Brown had a rough day yesterday, when police swarmed his house with helicopters and SWAT teams. A woman named Baylee Curran called the cops when a gun was allegedly pulled on her while she was at Chris’ house, which started the whole messy situation. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! While Breezy is no stranger […]

So a man is on vacation with his girlfriend & decides to confess to his wicked ways. Come to find out she has a confession…

Shaq's Alleged Mistress DESTROYED BY JUDGE You're a Dirty Liar

Save the truth for date eleven. SOURCE RELATED::Mike Epps Imitates Charles Ramsey! [Video] RELATED::Kanye West Spazzes Out…Again [Video] 1. “I’ve totally never been to this restaurant before.” Why you say it: You don’t want to admit that you go on three online dates a week, and bring your dates to the same place each time. 2. “I […]

Rapper Tyga has no problems saying that he was brought up in the streets of Compton and that he keeps it real! Well TMZ has found a bit of information that proves he hasn't been keeping it real with his fans!

When it comes to the Kardashian clan, Khloe Kardashian Odom is the most outspoken and honest. She recently stopped by Sway Calloway’s Shade 45 radio show to promote her reality show, Khloe & Lamar. Sway asked Khole about the rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Khloe maintains the rapper and reality star were never […]

Texting appears to be more likely to bring out the liar in you.