#bigbinkshow – I am soooo nervous about the months and years ahead with the Trump administration.  It is being reported on that Marijuana activists are planning to be on site of the inauguration and pass out 4,200 joints and will smoke them 4 minutes and 20 seconds into his speech for president….This is going to […]

#bigbinkshow A fan was trying to get to Kanye while leaning over a rail and damn near busted his butt!!!  Kanye walked into the arena and saw what could of happened and raced over to catch the fan.  Although he didn’t fall, Kanye showed that he has a heart!  Good for Ye!    

  #bigbinkshow  –  You know what they say…When the reality shows don’t work out, Just do Twerk Videos!!!   Well, that’s exactly what R Kelly Ex Wife did….and Ill be honest, she is pretty Twerk Talented!!  Check it out –

“You Betta Back It Up!” Flea Market Security Guard Tazes Angry Black Woman! [VIDEO] I don’t know what it is about young black females and ratchet acts on the street that lead to violence but this looks like another “Bus Driver” style incident that will go viral!  Watch as these women attack this security guard […]

Oregon Mall Shooting: Man Kills 2, Self in Rampage

A Man in his early twenties was the victim of a fatal altercation involving two suspects who shot and killed him in a Southeast Columbus apartment Sunday night. Police are not identifying the victim. Read more on this tragic story HERE. RELATED LINKS:   Columbus Teens Crash Stolen SUV Internet Fuels Sex Problem In Central […]

5:25pm 10 tv is reporting on twitter that a suspicious package was found at the Eastland Mall today so Eastland Mall had to be evacuated! No word yet on what the package was or contained…   RELATED LINKS: Big Ticket Thursday! Columbus Teens Crash Stolen SUV