#bigbinkshow – Really? – look at this story, I had no idea that Mary J. Blige had fans that hated America.  Look who was a fan of the queen of Hip Hop below.

With Mary J. Blige filing for divorce, she’s now a single woman and could be matched up with someone already!  According the Media Queen, Wendy Williams!  Watch the video here:

#bigbinkshow   before the debates Last night, Mary J Blige went one on one with Secretary Clinton and sung about the state of emergency that we are living in with police involved shootings with Black Men in this country.  

Mary J Blige’s Burger King commercial has a lot of people enraged and screaming coonery but is it that serious? Burger King has released a series of commercials aimed at promoting their new menu items. For this campaign they have hired some of the worlds biggest names such as Selma Hyack, David Beckham, and more. […]