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#bigbinkshow – Well you know what they say, One person can F### it up for everybody!!!  The fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt) has been stripped of a Gold Medal for his participation in the 4×100 relays in the 08 Bejing Olympics because one of the runners used dope while performing.

#bigbinkshow – The Big Homies of the White house will never be forgotten.  They changed the way we look at politics and how it relates to family, community and leadership.  President Obama surprised Joe Biden with the highest Honor humanly possible at what Biden thought was a regular televised meeting.  

DJ Dimepiece

Big Wins for Team USA last night plus, Rickey Smiley and Kylie Jenner share something in common! Come get your Dime Time Celebrity News Buzz! She’s all grown up! Kylie Jenner kicked off her birthday with banger of a gift from her boyfriend Tyga with a Mayback Mercedes worth around $190 thousand dollars! She turns […]