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You had one job Mr. milkman. A milk truck crashed on U.S. 38 spilling 6,000 gallons of milk early Friday morning. Troopers say the truck driver took a curve too fast, lost control and crashed taken out a utility pole and power lines. The driver received minor injuries. The milk spillage was so bad U.S. […]

  #bigbinkshow – I don’t have Breasts but I know women who do so LADIES!!! There is a new Bra on the market for women and I have a Video for you to check out.  Looks like the girls can be free all day!!!!

#bigbinkshow – The pics are continuing to come out to show that there is no question that Beyonce is having her twins.  Here is the latest pic that has the internet going crazy!! Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

According to reports,  the percentage of younger women who decide not to birth kids has been on the rise.  In fact, a study shows that more and more couples are deciding to purchase dogs and cats rather than deal with starting a family.   Reports also show that men and women who decide to go […]

#bigbinkshow – Super awesome that DJ Khaled takes time to spend with his son.  He is all over the world promoting records and doing parties and he still takes the time to give his son the gift of FATHERHOOD which is desperately needed in our culture!  Check out what he told his young son..

#bigbinkshow – how does a Bull get loose in a major city in a major intersection?  Check out how the cops handled a BIG OLE BULL running through thte streets over the weekend.

#bigbinkshow    At 32 years old, Fantasia announced that she is officially a “Granny”   It’s being reported that the little bundle of Joy is from her husband’s daughter from a previous relationship.  Either way Fantasia is the granny.  Does that mean she will put away the microphone and put on a Big Robe and slouch […]

#bigbinkshow Some places welcome public Breast feeding in their establishments.  This woman decided to Breastfeed her baby in target and got heckled by a customer…Check out the story HERE  

A Kentucky family is taking legal action over a carton of milk. Reportedly Robert and Rosa-ling Grant filed a lawsuit Monday against Wal-Mart after they found a dead mouse in their milk. The couple and their granddaughter sought medical attention after discovering the rotten rodent in May. The lawsuit, alleges that the Grants have suffered […]