#bigbinkshow  – Karrueche Tran is going above and beyond to make sure that she doesn’t have to deal with Breezy no more!!!!!!  They will be meeting in Court very soon and now Breezy might be facing a restraining order.  It was reported that a judge has already granted a temp restraining order on Breezy but […]

  #bigbinkshow – Round 2  Remy is smashing Nicki with diss records but Nicki hasn’t responded…Are You team Nicki or Team Remy?   Source: J. Countess/ Alexander Tamargo / Getty

#bigbinkshow – Nikki Minaj got exposed over the weekend and the world is wondering if she can come back from the diss record that remy Ma put out about her.   People want to know what Nikki’s ex boyfriend Safaree had to say about this since he knows her well…His answer might suprise you..   […]

#bigbinkshow – update More players on the 2017 Champion Patriots have decided not to attend the White House to be congratulated by the President. Here is the latest update.  Remember, QB Tom Brady and Michael Jordan both decided not to attend the White House visit during there careers.  Should these players be kicked off the […]

#bigbinkshow – Well everybody has their opinion about Our new President.   The Brand “under Armour”  Made popular mainly by NBA MVP Stephan Curry,  has come out and made a statement about the importance of Trump to this country.  More than likely, People will probably comment about Steph Curry staying with Under Armour.  Remember Steph is […]

#bigbinkshow – If you are from the Zanesville area or have friends there, you might want to check on them because there is a Major Gas leak happening right now south of 1 70.  For the latest info, check it out right HERE

#bigbinkshow – This ain’t got nothing to do with no tree or getting out of the way of the sun.  The Hood has spoken!   Throwing “Shade” has now become a part of the Dictionary.  So now you can direct people if they don’t know why people are throwing shade on them!   Shade – acting […]

      #bigbinkshow – German Village residents are on high alert!!!!.  There have been several attacks in the German Village area.  Five females have been attacked in the last 2 weeks to be exact.  The latest attack happened near Nationwide Children’s hospital and the suspect had a gun.  For more information about these horrible […]

#bigbinkshow – Well you know what they say, One person can F### it up for everybody!!!  The fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt) has been stripped of a Gold Medal for his participation in the 4×100 relays in the 08 Bejing Olympics because one of the runners used dope while performing.

  #bigbinkshow – This pic along with others raised many questions about Young Thug’s sexuality.  Well he went on Social Media to make sure everyone knew who his “boo” was.    

#bigbinkshow J. Cole’s “critically acclaimed” album is definetly one of the biggest to come out this year.  Every record off the album has charted.   This album has no features, Cole produced the entire body of work and radio stations have flocked to what could be the best album in hip hop this year.  Here […]

    #bigbinkshow Former NFL tight End Aaron Hernandez is on trial for a 2012 murder.  This week a witness came forward and pointed out Hernandez as the shooter in a drive by that he (witness) survived.  Hernandez is already serving life for another murder.  If he is found guilty of this 2012 murder he […]