Nearly two months have passed living with the the threat of the coronavirus. Many lives have been completely changed thanks to this global pandemic. Americans have been receiving stimulus funds over the last several weeks which were intended to offer relief in this time of being laid off, fired, or working from home. But the […]


Fif flexes his political chops at the nation’s capital. Hip hop mogul 50 Cent spoke to legislatures on Wednesday to tackle the issue of diversity and representation in entertainment. According to The Hill, he met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to also discuss how STARZ, who airs his show Power, was dropped from Comcast Xfinity. […]

The 614

Yesterday, the Ohio Democratic Party announced that it will host U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at this years fundraising dinner. Pelosi is a Democratic Congresswoman of San Francisco, California. She will speak at the annual legacy dinner in Columbus on May 17th. The Democrats released the statement just before Republican President Donald Trump’s scheduled visit […]

Trump surrogates are backing the controversial appointment of Steve Bannon. Opponents worry about an alt-right leader influencing policy.

More often than not in America, it’s perfectly fine to be in support of or facilitator for policies that perpetuate White supremacy so long as you…


Advisers confirmed on Monday that while serving as an elected official in 2002, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the House majority whip, spoke at an event…


UPDATE — 10:31 PM ET, 10/02/13: From the Wall Street Journal: About 200 patients each week with rare or especially severe diseases seek treatment at…