The holiday season tends to open many hearts and minds to recognize the millions of people who constantly go without. Many people struggle year round and people who relate very closely to the struggle are now taking steps to help change that. In Columbus, several areas are known to be more in need than others. […]

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Why does it feel that we’re back in the 60’s? It seems like a lot of people have been holding on to a lot of racist feelings and now they are starting to let everyone know exactly how they feel without the worry of any repercussions. Most of these people doing these racist things feel […]

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    #bigbinkshow – Not sure whats wrong with the Swat/police team in North Carolina, but they took it upon themselves to run through J. Cole’s crib because of some suspicion of Drug activity.  So Cole put it out for the World to see….Thank god for Cameras.  


Terrence J shocked a lot of his fans when he told the world he would be leaving E! News to become a full-time actor. Well now, we get a glimpse of him playing the leading role in the new movie The Perfect Match. The cast is filled with names you know, including Draya, Cassie Ventura, […]


The "Black Lives Matter" signs were thrown in the trash and covered with stickers that read "All," creating the much-criticized "All Lives Matter" refrain.


"Texas Racists Spray Paint ‘N****r’ and ‘KKK’ All Over $50,000 Truck" #UniteBlue #LibCrib http://t.co/FmB2vAdYO4 pic.twitter.com/aObcleBWOB — Robin Simpson (@robin182zz) July 5, 2015 A Spring, Texas…

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Remember Justin Beiber got caught up for Alledgedly egging his neighbors house months ago?  Well it caught up with him in court and he had to come off 80 racks!! Was it really worth it Justin? In retrospect maybe not so much, but I know this much, the egg is on your face!!! Full story […]

Since the NBA is in its off season, NBA veteran Kevin Garnett should be worried about staying ready for next season. However, Garnett is involved…

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  For once we’re on Team Breezy’s side! We think this is simply a matter of Chris’s neighbors hoping if they continuously give him enough…

If you’re a news reporter in Valrico, Florida, make sure you steer clear of John McDonough. McDonough doesn’t like to be questioned about the immature…

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Another day with the temps in the mid 90’s according to Storm Kennedy…with these hot days of summer be sure to check on your elderly neighbors and shut ins.  Knock on their door and check on them, I’m sure they will appreciate you lookin’ out for them.