2020 has been a crazy year.  From the pandemic practically making the world stop to the Black Lives Matter movement going worldwide, this year has been one of the most memorable years in history.  But every now and then something crazy happens like a man rollerblading down the highway in Columbus naked with a panda […]

#bigbinkshow I have been watching this all day!!!!!!!!  Fuunnnyyyyyy!!!!

#bigbinkshow The grammy’s 2017 are coming up and the List has came out!  Who do you think should win for “Best rap performance” MAKE SURE YOU VOTE BELOW! The nominees for Best Rap Performance are “No Problem” by Chance The Rapper Featuring Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz; “Panda” by Desiigner; “Pop Style” by Drake Featuring […]

Desiigner can count his lucky stars after receiving some of the best news ever following his arrest last week.

Congrats are in order for rapper Desiigner has he shocks the world with this milestone! Congrats to Desiigner, creator of the smash hit “Panda” as it’s certified triple Platinum!

Judging by the photos she's been posting on her social media pages lately, the Queen Bee might be cozying up with fellow Brooklyn emcee Desiigner.

  This is not the Guy that sings the song “Panda” but The actual dude, named “desiigner” got a little too turnt at a performance.  This dude actually threw up while on stage!!!  Check it out at your own risk!!!  Its Nasty!!  Click HERE  

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  #bigbinkshow The Panda Song from Desiigner is becoming very popular!  Even Mom’s love it!  Check out this funny video