You can now own a piece of hip hop history….or a pen*s of hip hop history lol!! It seems that in the early 90’s Pac would just pull out his man  (Pen*s)  whenever and wherever , and one of his ex girlfriends took a pic ( and what’s crazy is that this could be the […]

#bigbinkshow – I’m not even sure about this picture that EVERYBODY is talking about.  Recently, the White House was full of people in the Oval office and Kellyanne Conway thought it was be ok to get really “casual” on the Oval office Couch.  Shoes and pumps all of the Couch;  smh right?  It seemed really […]

#bigbinkshow – update More players on the 2017 Champion Patriots have decided not to attend the White House to be congratulated by the President. Here is the latest update.  Remember, QB Tom Brady and Michael Jordan both decided not to attend the White House visit during there careers.  Should these players be kicked off the […]

#bigbinkshow – House Speaker Paul Ryan became the victim of “Dab by association” in a recent photo op with Kansas Representative Roger Marshall’s son.  When the son started to Dab during a photo op, Ryan asked, “Are you ok?  Are you going to sneeze?” lololololololololol…Check out the video here.  

#bigbinkshow Yo, its being reported that a DJ was guilty of grabbing the ass of Taylor Swift during a routine photo op.  He claims that he didn’t grab it and his hand was not open and he is pissed to be seen as the dude who tried to grab all the “chicken” that Taylor is […]

The internet is goin NUTZO over this picture of Beyonce!  Usually the haters say that all of her pics are strategically or doctored before they go out for the public.  But this one according to sources is right from the phone Cam to your eyes.  What cha think?  It looks like she is referring to […]

OK I didn’t see this one coming but apparently Snoop and Iggy has issues.  Kinda crazy right because IGGY is definitely not on Snoop’s level and It seems like Snoop would either block or ignore any beef from any rapper at this stage in his career.  Well,  Snoop posted a picture that caught IGGY and cyberspace […]

We all know rapper Jim Jones dabbles in the fashion industry but what fashion statement is he trying to make in this picture. And by the looks of the guys around him we’re not alone. We need your help. GO IN POWER FAM! Caption this pic, we’ll put the most interesting comments on our facebook […]

We have more exclusive photos from the altercation that took place between Chris Brown and Drake. But we also have this hilarious animated reenactment of the bar brawl which aired on this Japanese television show. Check it out. RELATED: Chris Brown Rep: He Was Brutally Attacked RELATED: Drake Chris Brown Fight Video CLICK THE IMAGE […]