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Check out Day 2 of City & Misty’s Rideshare adventure here!  The PMC is carpooling to make Columbus a better place!  You can too!  

Check out City & Misty’s Rideshare adventure here!  The PMC is carpooling to make Columbus a better place!  You can too!  

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  If you played Mega Millions and you bought your ticket in Ohio, go ahead and toss it out. The two new millionaires bought there tickets in Florida and Maryland . The estimated jackpot was 400-million dollars, with a cash option of 223-million. Follow me on Twitter and IG @MistyJRadio Source: 24/7 NewsSource  

A new app is making it easier for moms and dads to collect baby pictures. Dubbed “Baby Selfie,” the 99-cent Android app uses eye-catching images to get the little camera operator’s attention as the camera goes off. The app takes a series of images to guarantee the best “selfie” pose. Reportedly baby selfies might not […]

It’s not surprising that celebrities use fake names. The “Huffington Post” put together a list, and there are a few you may not have known about: Lorde’s birth name is Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor. Stevie Wonder parents named him Stevland Hardaway Judkins. Nicki Minaj’s real name is weirder: Onika Tanya Maraj. Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene […]

A chemical used to make yoga mats is being found in hundreds of foods. The Environmental Working Group released a list of nearly 500 products that contain the chemical, which put Subway at the center of controversy earlier in February this month. Most of the items were bread, pre-made sandwiches and snacks. The 130 brands on the […]

On this day in 2003, Oprah Winfrey became the first African-American woman to make “Forbes” magazine’s list of Billionaires. Winfrey empire which includes Harpo Productions, “O” magazine, the Oxygen Television Network, and countless charities, was estimated at more than $1 Billion. Get it Oprah!! 24/7 Newssource Follow me on IG and Twitter @MistyJRadio