Franklin County’s Drug Task Force has confiscated more than six pounds of heroin following an arrest in the Columbus metro area. The task force served a warrant at a home on Muirwood Village Drive this afternoon following a month-long investigation. Detectives seized 2,775 grams — approximately 6.1 pounds — of heroin, with an estimated street […]

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Usually when you get in trouble one of the first calls you make is to one of your parents if their living and usually it’s the one parent that you know will go easy on you when you do mess up or make a mistake. But what do you do when you get in trouble […]

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#bigbinkshow – Janet Jackson will be heading on Tour!  Get this she is so serious about reclaiming her seat as R N B / POP queen that she has already lost 50 pounds of Baby Fat!!!  She is coming to Columbus also in a couple of Months so lets get ready for Janet.  If you […]


Founder of the band, Patex, Berklee-grad Jorge Perez Gonzalez can slap those skins with the best of them. As a fellow percussionist, and one who is very average on a djembe, I honestly don’t see the point of the four-butt setup. The tonalities are all nearly exact. Gonzalez can be seen at the end of […]

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Who in the hell left the gates open?!!! Man I don’t know about this but how serious do you want to be about your acting career and seriously is 50 Cent even that good of an actor? I mean I seen ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, His movie with Robert Dinero, and some other joints […]

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Now I’ve kicked with Jazze Pha before back in the day. We promoted a concert with T.I., Jazze Pha, and Cee Lo. One thing that stuck out to me is that Jazze drank a lot of Red Bull. I mean 10 cans in a short period of time. I remember we all thought “he’s gonna […]