The ATL rapper is upset with TMZ for revealing the details about the death of his sister Precious. According o TMZ, Precious has enough cocaine in her system to trigger her high blood pressure, the report also says that this caused an abnormal  heart rhythm, which occurred long enough disrupt the blood flow to her […]

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#bigbinkshow – I had no clue that “Andre” and “Boo Boo Kitty” from Empire are actually married.  How do they do it?  Here they are kickin it on the beach spending some of that Empire Money.   Somebody was phone hustlin and got this video.    

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#bigbinkshow       Gabby is the face of confidence in her own skin.  She is killin it on Empire and “Big Girls” across the world are realizing that they are beautiful too!!  Gabby was on line recently hollering at all the HEAVY HATERZ who has had something to say about her weight.  Check out […]

Mo’Nique is once again making headlines over comments surrounding Hollywood and allegations she was blackballed from working after she “wouldn’t play the game.” Recently, the Academy-Award…

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Just weeks after coming under fire for failing to nominate Black actresses, actors or directors for Sunday’s 82nd Academy Awards ceremony, Hollywood leaders have been…

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As we ready ourselves for the 87th Academy Awards this weekend we’re finding out more disconcerting details surrounding the award show. Yesterday we learned more about the white males who dominate the voting process, and today we discovered Mo’Nique has been blackballed by Hollywood ever since she won Best Supporting Actress for Precious in 2009. In an essay for THR seen by E! News the actress discussed finding out months ago […]

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Actress Gabourey Sidibe is no stranger to cyber bullies. As recently as the Golden Globe awards, she had to deal with an onslaught on criticism…

TMZ caught footage of Gabourey Sidibe leaving the airport, and low and behold the once humble “Precious” star has turned into a diva!

Oscar winning actress Monique, admitted upon release of the hit movie Precious that she dug deep into her soul and pulled inspiration from own episodes of child-molestation. Her brother Gerald Imes recently went on Oprah and confessed to molesting her, and that he didn’t think he was a monster.

Oscar-nominated star of Precious, Gabourey Sidibe was spotted in NYC over the weekend.

Just when you didn’t think Howard Stern could get anymore disrespectful he calls Gabourey Sidibe, star of Precious, “the most enormous fat black chick I’ve ever seen!”