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Days after Tom Steyer and friends “backed that azz up” on stage with Juvenille, the billionaire activist is ending his Democratic presidential campaign. Steyer, who poured millions into his campaign, finished far behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in South Carolina’s primary. During his speech, Steyer said that running for president and meeting Americans across […]


A national movement becoming increasingly popular is to defy the Electoral College system and instead honor the popular vote in presidential elections. With the new proposal, Ohio’s infamous 18 electoral votes would be delivered to the presidential candidate who actually wins the national popular vote. The proposal is swiftly making its way toward the state’s […]

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  #bigbinkshow – President Elect trump is due to become the 45 president of the United States in 3 days 1/20, and he is being accused of sexual misconduct according to this story on  President elect trump has already been accused by several women of inappropriate conduct.  Stay tuned  and lets see ho this […]


As 2017 arrives, this sadly means that Barack Obama will soon be departing from the White House. Given that his presidency was marked by the wall of opposition put up against him by Republicans in government, Obama has accomplished a lot- especially in the last few months. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Jeff Johnson explains […]

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#bigbinkshow The world is still talking about Last nights debate With Trump and Hillary.  Mrs. Clinton is back in the Buckeye state today to get more people on the team.  In recent polls, Clinton has developed a lead on Trump for the Buckeye state after the video is him degrading women came out on Friday. […]

Scores of celebrities have stood up in this election to make their support known for a specific presidential candidate. Inevitably, these endorsements sway the fans of these celebrities to make a choice on who to vote for, whether its in favor or against that candidate. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Either way, a celebrity endorsement […]

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#bigbinkshow  – You know like I do, we will never have a president like Barack O Bama…Here a just a couple of Highlights that I will miss.      

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Will Beyonce go for the 2016 Vice Presidential Run? Well, Presidential hopefulHillary Clinton spills the beans on who she would pick as her VP!  The one and only Queen Bey!  Here’s what she told Ellen DeGenerres.  

NewsOne Now’s Roland Martin and CNN’s Jake Tapper will host the presidential town hall ahead of the Ohio primary.  The Democratic Town Hall Meeting will take place Sunday night at 8pm on campus. The debate will be moderated by Roland Martin. Columbus, now is your time to have your voice heard, in this important election. […]

Warren Ballentine breaks down the results of Super Tuesday and what they mean for the presidential election going forward. He explains what outcomes were surprising, and…

Bun B has been spending his time out on the Republican campaign trail for Vice Magazine! He explains the unique experiences he has had as a black…


The first round of the 2015 Democratic presidential debates are about to kick off, but one Democrat who isn’t worried about snagging a seat in…