An Ohio high school teacher found herself in the middle of a violent fight and the ordeal is recorded on cell phone cameras. The video shows the educator getting attacked by several students after she tired to break up a fight. The incident occurred earlier in the month on October 8th, according to police. […]

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Tonight we’re talking about your spit game with the police. When pulled over, do you talk yourself out of a ticket? Do you just take it? How do you react? Call in for tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic.

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In a very honest discussion, rapper Lil Boosie spoke to TMZ about his thoughts on codeine cough syrup being pulled from the market. It’s the main…

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This commercial raised concerns in the African American community because of Mary J. Blige singing about chicken. What Black people don’t eat chicken? Cmon people!! what do you think?