In the world we live in today, technology is more advanced than ever before. With that being said it is extremely important to be sure you keep your personal information safe and secure. For some, this task is more difficult than for others. Unfortunately a local place of worship, has had to learn a hard […]

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#bigbinkshow – This can’t be real.  Look at how this Pastor reunites his followers with the Lord Jesus…This can’t be real!!!!

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  #bigbinkshow – CHARLESTON, S.C. — Dylann S. Roof, a who is a known young white supremacist who walked in a church and joined people for Bible study and then took out his weapon and killed a total of 9 people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church 19 months ago, was sentenced to death today […]

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  #bigbinkshow The word is that Donald Trump visited a church recently and when it became time to take donations at one service, it completely went left…Look at this video and remember, this is a church….smh…We know the hood don’t play but in this video it look like the church don’t either.. (explicit language)  

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  Today is the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, a Civil Rights Leader who had a dream, followed his heart and made it a  reality.  What is your dream that you are passionate about?

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Looks like Barbie has seen the darkness of her ways and has found the light.  Not only did Barbie get saved, she’s become ordained and has the outfits and accessories to match.  The Rev Barbie has gained more than 3,000 friends on facebook and is focused on showing faithfuls that the church can be fun […]