#bigbinkshow You Have to watch this whole interview in its entirety!  This was amazing! A white Nationalist and a Black Journalist trade views and opinions about the future of this country.  This was on News One Now with Roland Martin this week.  Check it out and see who you agree with.        

#bigbinkshow So Snoop Dogg voiced his opinion about the new series “roots” earlier this week and not everybody agreed with him…Especially Roland Martin…Check out what he had to say.

  On Monday, 3/14 Roland Martin will do his “News One” show live from the Campus of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  If you want to be a part of the studio audience, all you have to do is send an email with your information to RSVP@ROLANDSMARTIN.COM   You can be a part of Ohio History!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton answers questions during a special roundtable forum with Tom Joyner, Sybil Wilkes, Don Lemon, Jacque Reid and Roland Martin