Funny how the tables turn so quickly these days. Looks like Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree may have gotten the last laugh after their recent feud. As we reported Nicki Minaj has been spending her days dragging her reality TV star ex for filth. However, she may have helped him land two huge deals in the […]

That damn sneaky ass Ray J finally got Safaree to admit he smashed A1’s wife during their break     now after finding out Safaree smashed his wife do you think A1 will stay with his wife or will he leave her and the baby that might not be his?? What would you do? 

Sometimes as an artist you learn that not all performances go as planned and sometimes they go all the way left. The best thing to do is not to handle the situation like Love and Hip Hop Star Safaree did, after getting boo’d by the crowd Safaree stops the track and then…..well check out the […]

Safaree has been making a lot of headlines lately. This time its footage of him being attacked leaving a DJ Khaled party in LA for BET Awards weekend. Allegedly the men involved are apart of Meek Mill’s crew. in the video you can see Meek pulling up in a SUV but doesnt get involved in […]

Gary With Da Tea was singing to himself like he does, but this time he was reciting Nas lyrics.

Jordan Peele made History! Jordan Peele is the first African-American writer-director to ear $100 million with his debut movie! Safaree wants Nicki to pay up Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree is looking to collect for the songs he wrote. A new woman claiming to be Janet Jackson’s daughter A new woman named Tiffany Whyte is claiming […]

Looks like the feud between Remy Vs. Nicki Vs. Meek Mill Vs. Foxy Brown and now add Safaree isn’t dying down anytime soon. It looks like everyone is stopping by the Wendy Williams show to get to the bottom of things. Some things we know after this interview, Safaree introduced Nicki to Meek, and there […]

#bigbinkshow – Well at first Remy Ma shed light on a lot of Nicki Minaj’s flaws, then she came at Nicki again with a “average effort” diss record,  but Nicki didn’t respond (and still hasn’t by the way), but now her famous X Safaree,  is taking some time to get some feelings off his chest […]

#bigbinkshow – I don’t know if this is real or not, but this is a travesty in Hip Hop.  You can look at this 2 ways.  Big Butt now, Sagg later or Big Butt never,  but healthy…Future looks really confused…smh….#plasticbooty.

Now that Nicki Minaj is single, Safaree might be interested in getting back together.

Safaree left himself wide open for this one. The Love & Hip Hop star seemed to be in a nostalgic mood last night and tweeted something about wanting to holler at an ex: It’s pretty clear he was talking about Nicki Minaj, especially since Nicki was performing at the TIDAL X show at […]