Finally Breaking Bad fans can rejoice after wait for years for the Breaking Bad movie to come out , well wait no more because the trailer is out and the movie As a true Breaking Bad fan this is what i’ve been waiting for the past 2 or 3 years , after the way the […]


Some might call it 8Mile 2 others are calling it genius, one of the biggest things going on the hip hop scene right now is battle rap some battle rappers are out here making 6 figures and a couple even more. This movie will take you in the heart of battle rap showing how serious […]

#bigbinkshow – This is some of the dumbest S*** I have ever seen in my life, I thought it was a prank!  the nerve of some people!  Watch the whole thing.  SMH

#bigbinkshow – from Columbus to the World!  Zeke went from running all over the shoe to running throughout the streets of Dallas Fort Worth with the Cowboys.  Now he takes it off for ESPN!!! – O – H!!!

#bigbinkshow – Jason Whitlock says that Stephen Curry is a coward.  Why, because the word is that he and the Warriors won’t go to the White House to celebrate his NBA world championship with President Trump.  Your Thoughts?

#bigbinkshow – Have you saw the movie “Get Out”?   Everyone is talking about this one and I still haven’t saw it yet.  The word is that the Film is phenomenal!!  This movie just cost 4.5 million dollars to make and will continue to do well because people are going back to the theaters to […]

    #bigbinkshow Former NFL tight End Aaron Hernandez is on trial for a 2012 murder.  This week a witness came forward and pointed out Hernandez as the shooter in a drive by that he (witness) survived.  Hernandez is already serving life for another murder.  If he is found guilty of this 2012 murder he […]

#bigbinkshow Its being reported that Kolin Kappernick, who was very vocal about his allegience to the Flag, decided not to vote during these elections.  Why would he not let his voice be heard at the most critical time in this country?  Analyst Stephen a Smith respnded to Kolin’s decision.    

#bigbinkshow Have you Voted yet?  According to reports, 24.4 million people have already early Voted (in 38 states) which is awesome but the African American Votes are down…Make sure you get out to Vote and make a difference for Columbus! Other reports are saying that Donald Trump approximately has a 5 point lead over Hillary […]