#bigbinkshow – Why is it your Ex always look better when yall break up.  Some pics came out from La La and I bet Carmelo somewhere pissed.  Don’t she look better now that she single? ‘  

#bigbinkshow – Donald Trump’s wall that he spoke about often before he became President seems to be coming into existence. It has been reported that Trump signed an executive order that will begin building a wall On the borders of the United States and Mexico.  Check out the full story HERE  

#bigbinkshow You Have to watch this whole interview in its entirety!  This was amazing! A white Nationalist and a Black Journalist trade views and opinions about the future of this country.  This was on News One Now with Roland Martin this week.  Check it out and see who you agree with.        

#bigbinkshow Rachael Dolezal became famous for claiming to be an African American and making a big deal to the World about it.  Problem is that she was born a white woman.  According to reports, she says that she was raised as a “Black Woman” and now identifies herself as an African American.  Weird right?  Actually, […]