#bigbinkshow – Yo its the weekend and what better way to see some WTF kinda stuff right?  Everyone is waiting for a new Wiz track and inside of the video he gives you a hint of where is is with that plus he actually eats raw cannibus!!!  Where they do that at?

#bigbinkshow – Everyone if talking about the Video the Snoop Dogg has put out.  Now the secret service are putting there eyes and ears on the entire Snoop Dog operation.  Now word right now if they will react to the video but with the president changing this world daily, who knows what is next. “Who […]

#bigbinkshow Yo, its being reported that a DJ was guilty of grabbing the ass of Taylor Swift during a routine photo op.  He claims that he didn’t grab it and his hand was not open and he is pissed to be seen as the dude who tried to grab all the “chicken” that Taylor is […]

Does size really matters?  Lets put the question to test.  When it comes to someone that attracts you, do you prefer that they’re skinny, fit, fat, thick or in between?

  Everyone is anticipating Spring and Summer including the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Babby Kristina.  She was quick to post pics of her new Beach bikini bod! But is it too bikini skinny?  See for yourself.

Big Greg sneaks backstage at 50 Cent’s Concert last night to see what the hell is up with 50 and those cancer lookin’ pictures! You will be AMAZED at what he sees! Detroit HOT 102.7’s Big Greg sneaks backstage at 50 Cent’s Concert in Detroit on Saturday night to see what the hell is up […]