social distancing


Shoppers can look forward to slowly getting back to some good old retail therapy. Polaris Fashion Place plans to reopen May 12th. The mall has been shutdown almost two months due to COVID-19. Governor Mike DeWine has given the green light for retail establishments to reopen beginning May 12th. Polaris Fashion Place intends to implement […]


As the April showers bring May flowers, the weather continues to become more and more enjoyable as the weeks drag by. Due to the global pandemic at hand, many of us are stuck at home, desperately trying to get out when we can and soak up as much vitamin D as possible. While the majority […]

There will now be more rules, or an extension rather, added to Governor Mike DeWine’s Stay-At-Home order. Things have been getting steadily worse as far as the number of coronavirus cases in the state of Ohio. Because of this, stricter regulations will be added to essential businesses, still open through this viral pandemic. People have […]