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#bigbinkshow – Maybe being in Jail changed his mind about his teeth?

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#bigbinkshow – This is just in time as we get ready for KING day on Monday!!  Big Shots go out to Jeanette Epps To Become NASA’s First African-American Space Station Crew Member – blogged by @avah_taylor –

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Do you remember Space Jam? With Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan?  Loved it right? Well the wait is over as there is a sequel in the making that’s going to star one of the Nation’s best NBA players! Congrats to Lebron James for being selected to star in the next installment of “Space Jame”.  Will […]

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If the threat of 200+ MPH winds and torrential downpours weren’t enough to scare the people of Mexico, astronaut Scott Kelly is sure to set off a full-blown panic with this pic of the hurricane. Hurricane Patricia is already the strongest hurricane ever recorded and, according to the National Weather Service, it’s the “most dangerous storm […]

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Daredevil's Supersonic Leap Breaks Three Records