This debate has been all over social media the past few days after Popeye’s released their new spicy chicken sandwich while most on social media have said they are really feeling the new sandwich . Others remind the masses not to forget about the ones that have been here for years, and now……we have beef…..wait […]


  By popular demand Wendy’s decided to bring back one of it’s all time favorite menu items, the spicy chicken nugget. The 2017 discontinuation of the nuggets had fans of the fast-food favorite asking, “Where’s the poultry?” As of Monday, the spicy nuggets are back! This time Wendy’s is doing some major giveback to the […]


The wait is finally over!! It is officially time for the return. Back in May, Wendy’s announced that if a tweet got more than 2 million likes, it would bring back spicy chicken nuggets. It took less than two days for the tweet to reach its goal with some celebrity assistance. The spicy nuggets were […]

Battle Rap Corner

Are you little mad or big mad? If you weren’t interested in this battle before the faceoff you will be once you watch it. Bill Collector and T-Rex were going at it in their faceoff on Champion. Things went a little left when the spicy talk went into open-handed threats. WARNING: Video contains strong language. […]


Anyone that loves spicy chicken nuggets, you need to be thanking Chance The Rapper because he loves the nuggets sooooo much he was having a bad day and tweeted about how only a box of spicy chicken nuggets will help him get thru the day and after that tweet received over 2 million likes… Wendy’s […]


Check out this video of GloZell doing the hot pepper challenge. This tiny habenero pepper is cute but, it’s not a cherry. Seems staged to me but her suffering is real and she isnt shy to express it. Check out this hilarious video…”Over & Out!” SOURCE RELATED:: NFL Player Has The World’s Greatest Mugshot RELATED::JAMES HARDEN DUMPS […]