A study finds that the stress of dealing with racism contributes to the academic achievement gap. Part of the solution is reinforcing positive racial identity.


During a pre-Thanksgiving segment on Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade surprised his co-host Harris Faulkner when he asked her if she served Kool-Aid with her meals.

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Despite some obvious stereotypical jokes at the expense of her Black character, actress Keke Palmer says she's not taking it personally.

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 As we previously reported, Kendrick Lamar was named Rapper Of The Year by GQ Magazine however he did not attend their Man Of The Year Party as a…

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According to TMZ, GQ Magazine‘s “Rapper of the Year”, Kendrick Lamar boycotted the mag’s Men of the Year Party on Tuesday because of the way that they chose…

The “Big Brother” live feeds are always streaming, and they’ve captured some racist and homophobic and comments from the show’s contestants. In a video, GinaMarie,…


It’s often common in our human nature to link any behavior or action we see to a person, place or thing. We learn as children…

Stereotypes obviously happen in today’s society. Whether they are gender, racial, or many more, sterotypes have become a part of our society. But the question is, where do many of these stereotypes come from? We all know that many of them are not true, and yet they are still alive. How are they passed down from generation […]

Stereotypes in the news media are very common. It is not unusual to see something used in newscasts or newsreels. Check out some of the videos below. Are they examples of stereotypes in the news media? If so, who is at fault for the persistance of these stereotypes? Like Power 107.5 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest breaking, […]