In the world we live in today, technology is more advanced than ever before. With that being said it is extremely important to be sure you keep your personal information safe and secure. For some, this task is more difficult than for others. Unfortunately a local place of worship, has had to learn a hard […]


When will rappers, athletes actually entertainers period learn that someone is always watching especially when your in the lime light or a public figure there is always a camera around to catch you and here’s a question is this snitching??

autoPlay=true Black Tony called up Rickey Smiley completely heartbroken, and drunk, because Gucci Mane found out that Black Tony stole his shoes the last time they were in his house. Now, he says Gucci won’t let him back in the house. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Rickey Smiley offers to pick him up and help […]

LIl Wayne’s lawyer is coming after him to get his bread!!!  Check out the story HERE Check Out Big Bink and Sasha weekdays at 4:40 and 6:40!!!!!!!    

Breaking news!!!  According to, somebody is trying to make money off music that Jay Z recorded back in the day and is threatening to put it out unless Hov pays up!!!!   check it out here: