#bigbinkshow – This just came down.  according to, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are targets of a drug investigation that includes thousands of dollars of narcotics including the drank called “purple stuff” or lean.  These allegations actually stem from an investigation of a dealer out of Miami who told people Breezy and Wayne were […]

#bigbinkshow – Now you really have to have a cold and send your mama to the store to get your cough syrup.  It’s being reported that too many people are using cough syrup for “lean” or “getting high” purposes which has been rumored to start in Houston, Texas back in the early 2000’s, where cough […]

    #bigbinkshow  – Somebody is sending the police to Lil Wayne’s house in Miami for no reason and apparently Wayne is sick and tired of it…..Could this be related to him telling his fan’s that he is not with Cash Money anymore?  Check out what happened with Lil Wayne and the K-9 unit in his […]

From MOBILE, Ala. — Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has been charged with possession of a controlled substance — codeine syrup — after being arrested at his home in Alabama on Monday, authorities said.