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I wonder when people will understand what Bow is doing, he’s Trumping the game right now and what I mean by that is he’s saying the most ridiculous things just to get people to react just like Trump. This time he did his best to throw shade at his ex ex ex ex ex R&B […]

Via Madamenoire’s topic: Is This Petty? I Resented Him For Not Proposing After 6 Years…So I Said No When He Did Propose! People have been going in on this discussion…Leave your comments below! Catch Ro Digga weekdays inside The Day Party beginning at 3pm!

Is it a problem if your boo or spouse makes more money than you?  DJ Dimepiece wants to know! Call in at 740-1011 or take the poll!

Anonymous writes in Dime’s Diary today and is having trouble figuring out a way to encourage his girlfriend to workout because she has gained weight since they have started dating.  How should he approach this situation?  Here is what he had to say: Hey Dimepiece, I’d like to remain anonymous because my girlfriend listens to […]

Tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic. Bare or Hairy?! Call in or take the poll!

Do you know anyone who used someone just to have biracial babies to claim that they have “Pretty Babies”?  How do you feel about that?  Is it wrong to take control on how your unborn should look like?  Take the poll and call in with your comments?

The ongoing question is was Ray Rice’s punishment was too harsh?  Take our poll and let us know your thoughts!

Are you one of those people that let Instagram Likes affect you?  Or Nah?  Well what if its from someone that you are talking to or with that likes other people’s pages?  Now is it a problem?  Call in and comment! 821-1075!

  So you are walking home and you see some money on the ground.  What do you do?  Pick it up and find the owner? Or look to see if anyone is watching so you can keep it for yourself?  Keep it real? Call in, Drop a Dime on the Line 821-1075!

When should you discuss being exclusive? Or should that be assumed after dating for a long time?  Call in tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic.

So we’re talking about farting tonight! LOL! Have you have ever farted in public and blamed it on somebody else? Keep it rea inside tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic!

Tonight we’re talking about your spit game with the police. When pulled over, do you talk yourself out of a ticket? Do you just take it? How do you react? Call in for tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic.