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I wonder when people will understand what Bow is doing, he’s Trumping the game right now and what I mean by that is he’s saying the most ridiculous things just to get people to react just like Trump. This time he did his best to throw shade at his ex ex ex ex ex R&B singer Ciara  and queen of gossip Wendy Williams first ,while at a club yelled on a mic that he had Ciara before anybody else , he then went on social media and body shamed Wendy Williams and social media had there way with him and once again EVERYBODY is talking about Bow Wow who hasn’t had a song out in years. It seems how social media works is , if you don’t feel that your relevant or that your not poppin say something crazy on social media and the world will be saying your name. What Bow Wow said was so crazy that big bros T.I. and Nelly had an intervention with him outside of a club live on social media. People call 50 cent the king of trolling but what they don’t understand is that if that is true then Bow Wow is the prince. So what do you think , Should Ciara or Wendy clap back a Bow or just ignore him?