The 614

Columbus and Franklin County Implementing New Stay-At-Home Order Dr. Mysheika W. Roberts, the Health Commissioner for the City of Columbus and Joe Mazzola, the Health Commissioner for Franklin County Public Health have advised all residents to stay home due to the “rapid rise of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the city and county”. Starting Friday, […]

What Timberland and Swiss Beats have done for the culture is great, after they had an epic beat battle they started to reach out to other producers and artist to go head to head, track to track and the fans decide the winner the last battle was between Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch and many […]


What in the heck is going on with the President of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr? While most of the country is self quarantining and practicing self-distancing and the rest of the country is being asked to stay inside. Why would one man put so many in danger? All of the schools across the WORLD […]

The 614

I wonder when people will understand what Bow is doing, he’s Trumping the game right now and what I mean by that is he’s saying the most ridiculous things just to get people to react just like Trump. This time he did his best to throw shade at his ex ex ex ex ex R&B […]


Tyson/Ali, Montana/Brady, Sampras/Federer, Tiger/Jack, Ultimate Warrior/The Rock, here are some classic match ups we would’ve loved to see happen but because they played in different era’s will never know who would’ve won head to head. And probably the biggest debate of all time is LBJ vs MJ AKA The G.O.A.T vs The G.O.A.T, in this […]

Good decision made by Kim Kardashian West as she decides to lay low when it comes to posting on social media.  As you heard, Kim K was robbed at gun point and robbed of millions. Definitely believe that this is the best for her safety as well as her family.  They’re high profiled celebrities and […]

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas continues to break barriers and records going for the Gold in Rio for the Olympics.  Unfortunately. she can not break away from the wrath of social media’s disrespectful comments about her hair. She finally speaks on it and talks about the effects of it. Gabby will bring home a Gold […]

Now you can create a story on IG!!!  Are they biting off snap Chat? Who you rocking with?      

What’s really going on?  Normally when someone deletes their social media, it’s not good.  Well that’s exactly what Gucci Mane did!

Parents might have thought that shaming their children on social media was an effective discipline technique, but it’s not, and it might just cost them their child’s life… Isabel Laxamana, a 13-year-old girl in Tacoma, Washington died by suicide after jumping off a highway overpass on Friday, May 29. Days before, Laxamana’s father Jeff had […]

Tonight it’s all about keeping it real when it comes to social media.  Tonight’s Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic is challenging you to look beyond your buddy list and likes.  Do you think you could go 24 hours without social media?  Take the poll and comment!

Through social media, Paris and Prince Michael Jackson are exposing the inner secrets of the Jackson family.