Following Summer Walker on social media can sometimes seem like you’re binge watching a telenovela with all the drama that arises. But one thing that will always remain undeniable, is Summer’s talent. That girl can sang! Summer just dropped a brand new visual for her single “Body” and it’s giving all the tranquil zen vibes. […]

The 614

I wonder when people will understand what Bow is doing, he’s Trumping the game right now and what I mean by that is he’s saying the most ridiculous things just to get people to react just like Trump. This time he did his best to throw shade at his ex ex ex ex ex R&B […]

The 614

People on the east side near Livingston Avenue, east of Noe Bixby Road woke up to a dead body and now police are investigating the cause of death. For full story click HERE 

It’s not a stretch to say that Teyana Taylor may have the best body in Hollywood.  And the crazy thing is the girl says that she doesn’t work out!  As we sit here snackin on cookies check out the 12 sickest pics of Teyana Taylor that will keep you in the gym!  Now put down […]

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According to Fox News Columbus commuters had to take a detour this morning as a dead body was found on I-70 west near Mound St. police are still conducting an investigation so far no updates    

It’s always funny when pretty people fight because when they do they usually end up telling the hurtful truth about each other, I mean they can’t call each other ugly or fat so that takes away a whole lot of jokes. So they usually go after the secrets the things that will cut to the […]

#bigbinkshow – Ever since she did the Kanye West video right before the holidays, Teyana Taylor has been in high demand.  You have to do a doubletake on this pick cuz for a second it looks like she is naked (or is that just me lookin or thinking like that).  Teyana Taylor is that chick! […]

#bigbinkshow   –   We all think that cars you can lock remotely are more than safe.  Nowadays it seems almost every car has a remote that opens, close, starts the engine, shuts off , etc.  The problem is now thieves have gotten smart and are “cracking” the codes and manipulating your remote to steal […]

#bigbinkshow – Wale spoke out against Donald Trump recently in an interview but not like you would think.  Actually,  Wale thinks that Trump is uniting the country and People are coming together.  Crazy right?  Check out exactly what he meant in the video below and why the #bigbinkshow agrees with him. WALE SPEAKS

  As if Teyana Taylor didn’t already have us rushing to the gym after Kanye West Fade video came out she’s done it again!  This time releasing a fitspiration video collaboration with Vogue Magazine. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The video is a teaser for her upcoming workout program and dance fitness tour called Fade 2 […]

Teyana Taylor instantly became an internet sensation Sunday night when Kanye West premiered his new video Fade staring Taylor.  Why?  Because she looks amazing!  Women all over the world have been inspired to get in the gym and get that Teyana Taylor body!  So everybody wants to know how did she do it especially since […]