#bigbinkshow – Social media went in on Tyrese, well kinda.  The big deal on social media from Black women was trying to find out his wife’s nationality.  Social media spoke about Tyrese always saying he has a desire to be with Black women.  His current wife looks to have some African American features.  In an […]

The highly-popular publication, Forbes, posted its annual 30 Under 30 lists in categories including Games, Music, Sports, Art & Style, Hollywood & Entertainment — among others. This year, Star Wars newbie John Boyega, 23, is one of the many inspiring people to make the cut. The Daily Show’s theme song recently received an upbeat facelift. Superstar producer Timbaland redid the […]

Rapper, Actor, Singer, Model Tyrese Gibson covers Jet Magazine’s April issue. The quadruple threat looks dapper in a finely tailored suit. He talks about the release of two Blockbuster movies “Transformers 3” and “Fast Five,” a book “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way” and album set for a Summer release. “I live my […]

According to XConnect: Transformers Drops Racist Robots Director Michael Bay has announced that two controversial robots from the second Transformers flick have been cut from the upcoming third movie. Featured in Revenge of the Fallen, “The Twins,” Mudflap and Skids, were criticized as being racist stereotypes. They used what is described as exaggerated slang and […]