Millenials are taking us to a new place with this one, and adding a whole bunch of spice to Thanksgiving. Would you try a Hot Cheetos Thanksgiving Turkey? I mean come on we have tried things way worse than hot cheetos on turkey, so I most definitely would give it a go. Preheat over […]

The Sprint Turkey Tour begins this Saturday, November 10th! Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   Everyone needs a turkey for Thanksgiving so we teamed up with Sprint to make that happen.  You’ve got it, FREE TURKEYS!  We will be making two stops this Saturday, November 10th at 1pm and 4pm.  The first […]

#bigbinkshow People spend countless hours preparing Thanksgiving dinner every year for the family but this year we had eyes on a family that tried to get together,  but the son went totally left when he explained what he was thankful for.  Check out this chaos that happened at the dinner table.  

A sudden tragedy stuck the Turkey Coast on Friday night. Over 30 refugees drowned early Saturday off the western coast of Turkey when a boat packed with refugees capsized. 75 were rescued after the boat carrying refugees to Greece sank. According to reports, the Turkish coast guard was continuing search-and-rescue efforts where the boat carrying at least 120 people sank off […]

In his weekly address, Obama shared a message of love and compassion, but also gave the American people a subtle reminder about the history of Thanksgiving. The President acknowledged pilgrims arrived in America looking for a safe haven, much like the Syrian refugees of today.

A Texas man who spent 35 years behind bars without a conviction will finally get a second chance at justice. Jerry Hartfield, 59, has been…

Experts on preparing a tasty Thanksgiving turkey are taking calls at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line.  Talk-Line supervisor says it’s a good idea to buy your turkey and put it in the refrigerator instead of the freezer until Thanksgiving Day.  She says thawing a whole bird requires one day in the refrigerator for every four pounds […]

Ebony Steele is back with her deep thoughts, and on of her questions is, turkeys have a wishbone, but do they have a funny bone? Plus, what’s the difference between a regular turkey and a jive turkey? And why do turkeys flap their wings when they can’t fly? Text “Rickey” To 80185 For Breaking News Hear more […]

Ebony Steele is back with her deep thoughts, and on of her questions is, turkeys have a wishbone, but do they have a funny bone?…

Power 107.5 and Town and Country chiropractic are giving thanks by giving Power 107.5 listeners a chance to win a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving. On November 15th Power 107.5 DJ’s will ask listeners to call in every 15 minutes from 6am-12am to win a frozen turkey from Town and Country chiropractic. A total of 54 […]

A once in a lifetime experience is exactly what ‘super fan’ Buck i Guy had when a bird crashed into his windshield and knocked him unconscious on March 17th 2012. John Chubb said that when the bird crashed into his car, his friend grabbed the steering wheel and stopped the vehicle. “Out of my peripheral […]