We haven’t heard anything from Iggy in a minute, she been well let just say chillin’, now just like Nikki while Cardi is busy with mommy duties she doing her best to become relevant again and if you know anything about this game then you know that sex sells. So Iggy went out and got […]

#bigbinkshow – Sometimes you can dance so hard and your hair that you paid so much money to get fixed, gets messed up from the sweat, you can jack your nails up from gettin to turnt, maybe even tear up your clothes from dancing because they are too tight.  Who would of thought that you […]

#bigbinkshow – Well I hope if I get to be 100 years old, I will be taken advantage of and be seduced beyond my will.  This happened in Sandusky and now the suspect could be facing Jail Time.  But shots out the the Old man who probably couldn’t respond to the task anyway….lol.  For this […]

Serena Williams has caught pre-summer fever. The tennis star, who is now the highest paid woman athlete, had a pretty lit weekend and showed it all off via social media. Williams hit up Las Vegas for a girls vacation with Ciara and Kelly Rowland over the weekend, and they were turnt all the way up. […]

  #bigbinkshow We got to do better Ladies!!!  This chick went all in after she finally found out who her Baby Daddy Was (twerkfest)!!!  

  Our President and First lady have fun!!  They show America what a true companionship is all about.  But they still get a little ratchet when they have to!  Check out this video of them dancing around the world.    

  #bigbinkshow The Panda Song from Desiigner is becoming very popular!  Even Mom’s love it!  Check out this funny video    

This video was found and it shows that twerking has been around since the 70’s.  check it out!!!

  Sad news in hip hop……There is actually a person responsible for inventing “Twerking”    The Founding Member of the Twerk Team, Betty Butt, was shot and killed in a robbery in Atlanta on Wednesday (November 12).  Check out the FULL story HERE    

Jessica Vannesa used to be a 22-year-old school teacher, until she started making what she makes in 4months in 6 seconds!!!! Damn where do I sign up??? Read Full Story HERE