Any Apple iPhone user that has been around for a while is familiar with the struggles of not upgrading your phone in a timely manner. Or rather, when Apple says so. If you’ve ever tried to hold on to your beloved, older model iPhone, more than likely, you experienced very slow processing speeds or just […]

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#bigbinkshow – The pics are continuing to come out to show that there is no question that Beyonce is having her twins.  Here is the latest pic that has the internet going crazy!! Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

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For all of you gadget  heads, The I Phone 6 is coming and you can Start Yours Pre Order’s now ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!  Wanna know what the I Phone will look  like?  Check it out HERE     CAN YOU BELIEVE THE I PHONE 5 IS ABOUT TO BE REPLACE      

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Tracy Morgan is showing strong signs of improvement … so much so that doctors upgraded his condition to fair today. Tracy’s been listed in critical condition ever since the accident on June 7. He’s remained hospitalized while recovering from several broken bones … the worst of which is a fractured femur. Read more:

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When the announcement that Blackberry had one of the most secure networks in the nation, millions of people switched their phones to Blackberry. The company was already successful but now there are even more reasons to invest into one of these phones. In the age of constant upgrades and applications you have to stay on […]