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Atlanta rap og, Ludacris, fell victim to car theft Monday. His Benz was stolen after he hopped out to use an ATM in Atlanta. Luda reported to police that he heard his car drive away while he used the ATM. He wasn’t able to get visual on the car thieves either. Authorities were able to […]

The 614

Welp, it looks like some folks in the city are about to be “riding dirty!” That’s right, as of right now, the City of Columbus is not ticketing vehicle owners for failing to register or for expired tags! Since Governor DeWine imposed the closing of all Ohio BMV’s, certain city codes are not enforceable! And […]


About a week ago a group of teens were caught on camera attempting to rob and steal the car from a local Lyft driver. Columbus Police are asking for help to  identify the seven suspects. The entire ordeal started around 9:30 p.m. on the night of November 17th, right outside the Beatty Community Center located […]

The 614

According to a report the odds of overdosing on opioids is 1 in 96 and the odds of dying in a crash is 1 in 103 per the report. Which is crazy because the opioid epidemic if fairly new ( meaning in the last 5 to 6 yrs) Via Fox New Columbus….”We’ve made significant strides […]

Yet again, an unarmed black man met his death on a day he didn’t have to, because police arrived on a scene about which they knew little to nothing. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man named Terence Crutcher met his end after his car stalled in the middle of the road. Police showed up and instead […]


There’s a difference between a ghetto car repair and a geniusly ghetto car repair. With a ghetto car repair, there’s no passion, no creativity. It’s like using duct tape to reattach a bumper or putting saran wrap over a broken window. A geniusly ghetto car repair is different. It’s an artistic approach to avoiding paying […]