#bigbinkshow – They say Money is the root of all evil!  Blood is thicker than water!  Keep your enemies close, even if your enemies are related to you!  Lil Boosie is dealing with his own brother staling Money from him!

#bigbinkshow – Well, Webbie ain’t had a hit in a while and now he’s making headlines another way by popping up in the gossip section of blogs across America.  According to reports, He got arrested and you wont believe the details on why  below…smh..

Webbie was in town for the BET Hip Hop Awards recently and stopped by Hot 107.9 to introduce his new artist Wankaego, the First Lady…

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During Webbie‘s performance at Stone Soul 2013 in Richmond, VA, he had to take a moment to stop the music because he messed up his…

He dropped some of the hottest joints back in the day! Now the same man that  brought you”Give Me That” and “Independent” is letting you…

– Wiz Khalifa cited for Marijuana – Judge allows song lyrics as evidence in Lil Boosie case – Mase talks about French Montana bringing him on Slight Work remix

Webbie was arrested in Tennessee during a traffic stop for possession of marijuana.  The arrest comes days after a security guard was shot at a Webbie show in East St. Louis, IL.

A Webbie concert in an East St. Louis nightclub ended in a gun fire as a massive fight broke out during the show early Sunday morning.  A security guard was wounded in the incident.

A riot broke out a show in Waco, Texas on Saturday night (November 20th), after popular Baton Rogue, Louisiana rapper Webbie skipped a show, resulting in the injury of two police officers.