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After the sweeping turnover in the House of Representatives during the 2010 midterm elections, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is reaching out to President Obama via YouTube about what he should do next


“I for one as a concerned citizen am tired of people on the far right claiming that they have the moral victory of patriotism, and people who are progressives claiming that they have no ability to get their messages out. All of us have to speak up, speak out, make our voices known, our agendas clear, and then real governance can take place. I hope we don’t have gridlock. I hope we don’t have a log jam. I hope we don’t have much ado about nothing. Let’s together govern this country with credibility, with integrity. And I say to Mr. Obama especially, tell the truth about what you represent, and I think millions more will respond to you. Whatever you want to say about George Bush, he was clear on this: I’m the decider, I’m the president, this is how it goes down — love it or leave it. That’s what you’ve go to do, Mr. Obama. Never thought I’d say that: You’ve got to be more like George W. Bush.”

Watch Dr. Michael Eric Dyson offer real talk to the president in the footage below, which will air tomorrow on The Michael Eric Dyson Show

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