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:Note to all rappers “WATCH YOUR LYRICS”!!! Once you get into this game one thing you have to know is that when the man comes for you he’s gonna use any and everything he can to get you. YNW Melly and a friend were arrested for the murder of two other men who were riding […]

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#bigbinkshow – The Internet had questions yesterday.   Who was Trey Songz singing to?  Has he lost his Mo Jo?  Where did they get that Host from?  Who dressed the Migos?  Did Mary J. Blige Look confused yesterday?  What do you think was the worst moment of the BET Awards? Vote Below    

Big Bink's Blog

#bigbinkshow – Yo I seen this on Facebook today!  This dude took two of the most popular songs From Bruno Mars and The Migos and flipped it!  This might be the best cover out today!

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    Social media is going crazy with roasting Drake for doing the Cha Cha in his “Hotline Bling” song but now D.R.A.M. who is the creator of the song “I like to Cha Cha” claims that he was jacked by Drake.  Do you think the two songs are similar? Vote now in out Poll!

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Missed the premiere of Ciara’s new song “Dance Like We’re Makin’ Love” inside the mix? Then download it here!

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You hear it in the mix, Rico Love’s latest single “Bi*%hes Be Like” now watch the his new video!

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Chief Keef Doesn't Like Lil Wayne!? "Ima Do A Song With Him.. But He's Homo"


Ashley London covered the “Think Like A Man” premiere here in Columbus for Radio One. She got people’s reaction to the movie and even asked a couple of questions to see what people think runs through a man’s mind in certain situations [ooyala code=”9jdTBpNDqi5zYdGqnV63Ib85nUEksblB”]


VIA BCNN1.COM After the sweeping turnover in the House of Representatives during the 2010 midterm elections, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is reaching out to President Obama via YouTube about what he should do next Excerpt: “I for one as a concerned citizen am tired of people on the far right claiming that they have the […]