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2010 was a very roller-coaster year for hip hop. But with all the ups and downs there were some real dope freestyles that hit the internet.

All biased aside I chose what I felt were the Top 10 Freestyles of 2010. Based off lyrical content, delivery, wordplay and overall response from other listeners. I know a lot of people will disagree, but your free to write your own blog lol. As the “resident” emcee here at Power 107.5 I might just be slightly qualified to do this. PS- There will probably be more than 10 due to some very honorable mentions.

Here is The Best Freestyles of 2010 in no particular order!

Eshon Burgandy http://www.EshonBurgandy.com

CASSIDY 8-Minute Freestyle

Da Truth- Redeemed Freestyle


J Cole on FunkMaster Flex

Good Music Cypher

Columbus 2010 Cypha- Supanatra, Trek-Manifest, Street Pastor, J-Osceola, Searius Add,Fabrashay-APlus,Snow.

Catalyst Freestyle at Power 107.5

Lupe Fiasco- BMF Freestyle

L.E. for the Uncool- Ice Cream Dream

Bizzle-Explaining To Do (Jay Z Exposed)