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A Live Seance for Michael Jackson on TV?
People in the UK must be really hard up for TV because one network hosted a live seance on Friday night, trying to conjure up the spirit of Michael JacksonJune Sarpong hosted a special featuring some psychic medium named Derek Acorah, who tried to contact MJ. “I’ve never done anything like this before but I’m open-minded and can’t wait to see what Derek uncovers,” Sarpong said before the event. “We’ll have some special guests who were close to Michael, so hopefully that should help contact him.” We wonder if they held it at an elementary school or Chuck E Cheese or something. And they should have played “Thriller” – that probably would have helped, too. Anyway, we haven’t seen the video of it yet, but we imagine it had a whole lotta nothing. Be sure though: once we get it, we’ll pass it along.

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