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Here’s a little something juicy I found on hellobeutiful.com

Robin Givens took Oprah Winfrey to task on Friday for allowing her ex-husband Mike Tyson to joke about domestic abuse during a chat with him last month.

Givens, who is now a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, wrote a fiery letter to Winfrey after watching the Tyson special last month, reprimanding the talk show host for allowing the former boxer to rage on about his ex-wife and win laughs from the studio audience as he recalled brutal encounters with her.

Givens, who Tyson described as a “tough” and “mean” woman during his Oprah interview, told Oprah she was “really hurt” by the way Winfrey handled the chat with her ex.

Holding back tears, the actress said, “I wouldn’t be honest if there wasn’t a part of me that wanted you to go, when he said, ‘Oh, I’ve socked her before…’ ‘That’s not right.’ And it wasn’t right, it was painful. He can say whatever about me… but there are so many women like me, in my situation, that I just feel when there is this laughter, if you are in that situation out there, it kind of lightens it.”

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