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Here we go. We are now heading into the home stretch, and Houston we have a problem. DLG jumps into the top 16. Not to take anything away from the little girl group, but when we set this competition up, it was supposed to be 18+ due to performance restrictions. Not even the best fake ID is going to get them past the door man. Perhaps an earlier performance time for the kiddies can fix this issue. Week 3 brings us a new #1. If C10’s vote count continues to climb at this same rate, there will be no doubt that he’s going to grab the #1 spot. Then it’s all down to the live performances. Regardless of circles, C10’s name commonly comes up as a best in Columbus. Another new entry into the top 16 is Sapphire. Rumor is that Yogi at 107.5 is tired of being lonely too. Perhaps the two can help each other out.  Here are the top 8 vote getters so far in the competition.  Check out royal columbus website for more extensive coverage of the competition. Via royalcolumbus.com

1. C10941   2. J Lynn704   3. Submoluc686   4. Jaime Lee678    5. Meechie Nelson673    6. ItzBez669    7. Regulater665    8. K.L. & Sickcess602

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